水平多关节型机械臂EC S型
水平多关节型机械臂EC C型
水平多关节型机械臂ES S型
水平多关节型机械臂ES C型
水平多关节型机械臂EL S型
水平多关节型机械臂EL C型
水平多关节型机械臂EH S型
水平多关节型机械臂EH D型
水平多关节型机械臂EH C型
直角座标型机械臂 XM3000

产品规格︰ E2C251 E2C351 E2S45 E2S55

E2S65 E2L65 E2L85 EH853 S/C

EZ 系列

产品优点︰ 爱普生机械手的发展历史:
EPSON Robot has its origin in developing assembling robots for SEIKO watches which started in 1981. It was an unprecedented mechatronics which was required of the assembling robot that was capable of handling small precision parts efficiently at higher accuracy and high speed. EPSON's present SCARA robot with its renowned capability in precision work at high speed has its original model back to those days. It is also a system that ever changes with time, developing into an energy-and-space-saving, leading edge controller technology.
EPSON E2 Robots are the next generation in our long history of building high performance advanced SCARA robots.With our new E2 Robots.we’ve taken all the g reat featu res of our popular E—Series robots and made them even better.And of course the E2 Robots have the same great quality and reliability that EPSON is famous for.
Fast cycle times,a wide variety of models including(wall mount,ceiling mount,table top mount and more), super precision,and incredible 24/7 reliability are just some of the many features you get with the EPSON
E2 SCARA robots.With all this and mo re it’S clear to see that the E2 Robots are our best robots ever.
1.Over 34 different configurations available
2.Arm lengths from 250mm to 850mm
3.Multiple mounting capability
4.Reoeatabilities down to 8 microns
5.Very fast cycle times(down to 0.38 seconds)
7.Class 10 Clean room/ESD compliant models
8.PC based controls(2 to choose from)
9.Easy to use Microsoft Windows based Software
10.Integrated Vision,Conveyor Tracking,Active X Controls Audit Log/Security and more options
11.Meets ULl740t.CE and RIA/ANSI 15.06 1999 safety standards
Fast Cycles
EPSON E2 Robots cycle times are some of the fastest in the industry. No special tuning or adjustments are required.E2 Robots are just plain fast. With cycle times as fast as 0.38 seconds EPSON
E2 Robots can maximize part throughput for even the most demanding cycle time requirements.This means more parts per
hour and that translates to higher profits for EPSON Robot users.
Plug It In and Turn It On
EPSON E2 Robots are ready to use when you receive them Electrical and pneumatic lines are p re—routed th rough the arm for easy user wiring.Software is pre—configu red for your specific robot arm.AIl options are pre—installed at the factory So your robot is ready to go right out of the box We make installation of EPSON Robots easy So you begin your robot system development within minutes of receiving your EPSON E2 Robots.

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