It is a very unique and ideal air gun for multiple purposes using an air compressor to blow off, to suck,and to transfer the materials for various industries application. Especially the products marked as,tube is designed as smooth and no projection inside, and by featuring the spiral jet air system for the air ompressing, it makes the smooth,powerful and steady suction or transfer of the material. No worry for the stuck of the material. Three-in-one (Blow off, Suction, Transfer) Designed for High Performance, new feature to the industry! Possible to use it for transportation, the collection, cooling, and the exhaust, etc. not to mention Blow off and the suck by the thing to change the direction of Suction Nozzle. There are standard goods the minimum inside diameter form 3mm to 75mm. Separately, I will do the production of the size and the material, the production on orders.